Share My Comfortable House With You

I have always had a great relationship with nature, no wonder, I have lived in the countryside since I was a child. After leaving my family home, I did not consider any other option than to buy a house with my husband outside the city again. We were both clear about the interior. But I was given free rein in the garden. I had made several beds with flowers and vegetables, but I decided to dedicate a part of the garden to relaxing.

I could see myself in the solid wooden pergola right from the start. The idea of being able to take a book outside and read in the peace and shade, enjoying the opportunity to be undisturbed in nature, seemed absolutely perfect. I always imagined us in such a place during the sultry summer months and during the magical fall. Another great advantage of such a structure is that it can be retrofitted with building elements that will cast enough shade on all its inhabitants.

Get yourself in better spirits!

Don’t be alarmed by the first signs of aging and don’t change your current values just because you are unwell. Fight for a better tomorrow, together with our preparation you will get back on your feet. Climacteric can make life very unpleasant, but there is no need to give in to it. There is a simple, quick, and effective solution.

Thanks to our many years of professional work, we have been able to develop a natural pill that can make menopause and its symptoms disappear. They contain sources of more than 50 vitamins, then minerals, amino acids, unsaturated vegetable acids, and much more. Your body gets the best care.

Away with the past
With our product you will not stop surprising yourself and your surroundings, all your energy will return and the symptoms of transition will be over. You’ll feel like you’ve been reborn and you won’t even remember menopause.

Built-in closet

We are interested in built-in wardrobes in Prague. For many years we have been making them for all those who cannot buy classic furniture from the store. Who has an apartment with atypical shapes, could hardly believe it. There it is necessary to have it made to order. This is precisely the kind of activity we are engaged in. So do not hesitate and hurry to us. We are here for you.

We can create a customized wardrobe for you
Do you have a larger space and no way to use it? In that case, you can have a customized wardrobe made by us. It will fit all your clothes. It’s up to you how you decide. However, we are also ready to make you built-in wardrobes in Prague. We will come to your request and make a measurement and visualization. We do not charge our clients for this. We look forward to working with you.

Uses of mercury vapor lamps

Mercury vapor lamps are a suitable choice, especially for outdoor lighting. Can you imagine the possibilities that a quality product gives you when lighting parking lots, terraces, and basically all exteriors? Nowadays, there are really many choices, but it is up to us which type we opt for. If we want to bet on quality and a time-tested manufacturer with tradition, then our offer is just right for you. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to use the product in open or closed luminaires.

Quality at great prices
Having a truly quality product on your side with long life and good luminosity is exactly what your exteriors will welcome. If you want to have your premises well lit and, on the other hand, you don’t want to constantly deal with the problems of malfunctions and the fact that you have chosen a very cheap product which, however, falls far short of your expectations of performance and, what’s more, doesn’t last, choose the goods we offer and you will really be maximally satisfied. There’s no better feeling than the feeling of a well-contained shop.

Some details about baking

Start baking at home. Bake a beautifully decorated cake, miniature desserts, or fluffy muffins. Don’t worry about the final decorating. With the right helpers in the form of supplies, you’ll be fine. Equip yourself with a variety of icings, chocolates, and decorating kits. Your final creations will look truly magnificent and no sweet tooth will be able to resist. Choose from a wide range of baking supplies and enjoy creating sweet treats.

Perfect your art or make your job easier. For your baking, you’ll need a variety of pastry tools to prepare, decorate or serve pastries, cakes, and cupcakes. You can choose from a variety of different types of molds that are not only suitable for baking cakes. For cake making, you will find a variety of icings and coatings. For final decorating, you can use interesting decorative sets, foils, etc. For pralines, rolls, and cakes, you will find a variety of fillings that will give your desserts the best taste. Take your baking to the next level with the right accessories.

What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond?

When you are trying to buy an engagement ring you need enough information about different shapes of diamond. The emerald cut diamond is one of the best diamond shapes that can make your partner very happy. In this article, more details about the Emerald diamond ring will be introduced to you.

What is the emerald cut diamond?

     Emerald cut diamond usually has an elongated rectangle shape. The chiseled step cuts and beveled corners make the emerald diamond shape distinctive. The emerald-cut engagement rings look bigger than their actual size.

     These days emerald cut engagement rings have become very popular. You might also like to have a beautiful emerald diamond ring for yourself or your lover. In this article, we will try to help you find your favorite diamond ring more easily by highlighting the important features of the emerald cut diamond.

Is emerald-cut diamond good?

      The emerald cut diamond is one of the 10 most popular diamond cuts in the world. But if we want to determine whether an emerald cut is a good choice or not, I have to say it depends on the quality of the diamond. By considering the GIA factors to estimate diamond quality, we should note that it is the cut, carat weight, clarity, and color of the diamond that confirm or deny the worth of the emerald cut diamond.

     On the other hand, as you know, the setting of the emerald cut engagement ring also has a significant effect on the emerald diamond ring’s appearance. A well-designed emerald diamond ring can multiply the diamond’s sparkle. In this case, you can say that this emerald cut diamond is good.

     It is important to note that emerald cut diamonds also have unique characteristics that make many customers believe that the emerald cut is a good choice, especially for a diamond engagement ring. For example, the emerald cut diamond looks larger than its actual carat weight due to its elongated appearance. Elongated diamonds are usually more sparkly and luxurious than small diamonds. It also makes the finger look longer and more delicate than its real size.

       Although most emerald cut diamonds are rectangular, some are square too. This variety allows jewelry designers to implement a variety of designs for an emerald cut engagement ring. This feature is important to many couples because they can have their own fully personalized unique diamond ring.

      If you are also interested in having a personalized engagement ring then I recommend reading this link to see how you can choose a unique and personalized diamond ring design.

      Another great feature of the emerald cut is that although it is scarce, it is also less expensive than other diamond shapes such as Princess and round diamond. As a result, there is a good opportunity for couples to have a rare stunning diamond ring at a lower cost.

What is the best emerald cut diamond?

What is the best emerald cut diamond?

     As I mentioned before, to determining the best diamond cut we should consider the 4Cs factors that are introduced by the GIA to evaluating the diamonds. Those factors are cut grade, carat weight, clarity, and the color of the diamond.

      As I mentioned before, we should consider the 4Cs factors that are introduced by the GIA to evaluate a diamond’s quality for determining the best diamond cut. Those factors are 1) cut grade, 2) carat weight, 3) clarity, and 4) the color of the diamond. There is no exception about the emerald cut diamonds. It means that special consideration of those 4Cs factors should be given to evaluation of the emerald cut quality.

  • The cut grade of the emerald diamond

      Although the GIA, unfortunately, does not sign the quality of the fancy diamond shapes, such as the emerald cut, the jewelers have defined a general standard for the emerald cut diamond, which gives the emerald cut the most sparkle.

      As you probably know, a natural diamond is a piece of hard and rough stone that must be cut by diamond cutters. The diamond cutters can cut this stone in a symmetrical shape by using mathematical formulas and special tools to reflect light and show its extraordinary brilliance.

     Yes, the dance of light emitted by diamonds is due to the artistic cutting of specialists who make the diamonds perfectly symmetrical and in mathematical proportions. These facets act as mirrors and reflect the light received by the diamond.


Happy May the Fourth to every Star Wars fan! In observance of this special day, we’ve put together an out-of-this-universe gallery of Star Wars wedding ideas for you—because let’s face it—the Force is strong, and we can’t help ourselves. Welcome to the wedding side!


These are our favorite ways to incorporate your favorite saga into your wedding celebration. Let’s start with seven ideas that are absolutely swoon-worthy . . .

  1. Craft galaxy-inspired cocktails—Finn Fizz, Tatooine Sunrise(s), or Dark Side N’ Stormy
  2. Let the Force take over your photo booth with Star Wars-themed props
  3. Select this epic Millennium Falcon guest book for your guests to sign
  4. Work with your DJ to select a booming Star Wars soundtrack
  5. Have a custom aisle runner designed, movie-intro style
  6. Incorporate unique accessories like Darth Vader cufflinks or robot cake-toppers
  7. Go interstellar with a sandy wedding on the dunes of Tatooine (or a beach wedding in Carmel, Carlsbad, or Oxnard!)

If you’re looking for real wedding inspiration, keep reading! We’ve sourced the most unique, creative, dramatic, inspirational Star Wars-inspired weddings across the web and from our own beautiful wedding venues.


If you want to embrace your shared love of Star Wars while maintaining the beauty and romance of a traditional wedding celebration, look no further. Invest in a few galactic details that will summon The Force all night long. We love this Star Wars ring box, extravagant robot centerpieces, a custom Star Wars wedding topper, and matching Storm Trooper socks for your wedding party



“My love for you is a puzzle… for which I have no answers. I can’t control it… I truly, deeply love you.”
— Padme


Why not take it one step further and invite full-size characters to come party with you and yours at your wedding reception? Monica surprised her new husband, Kevin with a whole crew of famous Star Wars characters and it couldn’t have been more magical.

galwaydowns-starwars-whimsical wedding


“My husband and I are geeks at heart, and we were so delighted to have a fellow-geek in Alex who embraced our love for the Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and Harry Potter universes. We got married in September, and despite the 98-degree weather which felt more like 128 degrees, Alex kept smiling and was running around the entire day making sure that we were absolutely at ease. Moreover, he and his team, helped me carefully and successfully execute my top-secret surprise for my husband as his favorite Star Wars characters greeted us as we made our grand entrance.”
-Monica T.

See Monica, Kevin, and their favorite Star Wars characters in action in these clips from Emma Lynn Cinema, a wonderful videographer.



If you’re going to have a theme wedding, you should go all in! This unique wedding in Orlando, FL, shows a couple who took their love of Star Wars to a whole new level with dramatic decor and cinematic photography. We think it looked absolutely stunning and romantic—lightsabers and all! 



If cinematic drama is something that you live and breathe, consider focusing your Star Wars affection on your photography. We adore the way that this couple created a tradition celebration while incorporating their love for the Dark Side in their first look and bride-and-groom portrait photography.



One strategy that we absolutely love is combining Star Wars elements with another favorite movie or fanfare. Think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Legends of Zelda, Dungeons, and Dragons, and perhaps our favorite—Legos! 



There are hundreds of ways for you to honor your partner’s love of Darth Vader or Princess Leia without sacrificing your vision of the day. We love Star Wars-themed whiskey glasses for a pre-ceremony toast! You might also consider small, special touches that will make all the difference. A lightsaber tunnel is classic and fun for everyone. 



It’s amazing what you can find when you’re serious about a wedding theme. We dug deep into our Pinterest archives to find our favorite Star Wars-themed decor and accessories. This R2-D2 replica wedding cake is almost too cool to eat! If you’re not into androids, you might try a Death Star cake, Wookie cookies, Chewbacca cupcakes, or custom cake toppers of Hans Solo and Princess Leia!

Why renew your wedding vows?

What motivates a couple to renew their wedding vows inevitably varies from couple to couple. Celebrant of the Year, humanist wedding celebrant Jane Blackman looks at the many and varied reasons for couples to renew their wedding vows. 

Happy couple

Just as each couple’s relationship is totally unique, often their reasons for choosing to reaffirm their commitments to each other, are very personal and individual. That individuality is the perfect starting point for planning a vow renewal ceremony when I meet a couple and we begin to talk, to plan, and to create a bespoke ceremony for them.

First and foremost, the simplest, but the most powerful motivator for couples, is that they want to truly celebrate the strength of their love and their ongoing relationship – no matter how long or short their marriage so far.

Some couples arrange a vow renewal to mark a milestone wedding anniversary. Whilst any anniversary is absolutely appropriate, couples often choose to renew their promises to each other on a special anniversary such as their 5th (wood) 10th (tin), 20th (china), 25th (silver), 30th (pearl), 40th (ruby) or 50th (gold).

Other couples wish to use their ceremony to acknowledge and express gratitude that their relationship sits happily within an important group of people who mean so much to them and who contribute to their sense of fulfilment and contentment in life, therefore enhancing their marriage. They may choose to gather loved ones and close friends around them – reliving the fond memories of their wedding day – having everyone special to them together in a lovely place – a wonderful excuse for a personalised, memorable party – which includes and engages the most important people in the couple’s lives.

For some couples, the renewal of vows is to acknowledge that they have had significant challenges to cope with, and that as a result of the strength of their partnership, they have together overcome hardship. Perhaps there has been a period of significant illness to endure, or maybe a time of financial strain.

Whatever the difficulties experienced as a pair, celebrating getting through those tough times and the subsequent better times, is the perfect reason to hold a vow renewal celebration.

As well as celebrating the past and sharing gratitude for all that has been enjoyed and achieved together, a vow renewal is a wonderful opportunity to look forward as a pair, to times yet to come and to express hopes and aspirations for the future.

Some couples not only choose to reaffirm the promises that they made to each other on their original wedding day, but many decide to add to those original vows (or to state new promises altogether), writing and making further pledges, to acknowledge their maturing and changing relationship over time. In doing so, couples are able to celebrate the strength of their union and those successful elements of their partnership that have brought them to this point – promising to continue to do those things that bring continued joy and contentment.

A wedding vow renewal ceremony dedicates quality time to reflect on a relationship with a clear, meaningful purpose for that reflection. On every occasion when I’ve met with a couple to talk with them about their ‘story’ and their marriage so far, in preparation for their ceremony, they’ve reported thoroughly enjoying that part of the overall process; really benefiting from the opportunity to consider what makes them tick as a couple, what they continue to adore about each other and how they see their marriage moving forward into the future.

In my experience, a vow renewal can be an occasion full of much fun, laughter, and joy, as well as some very moving, life-affirming moments. So, what’s not to love about getting together with those people who make you happiest, to clap, cheer, and whoop together, to celebrate the continuing marriage of two human beings, who have chosen to stick together for life, because both continue to agree that each of them is still the perfect match for the other?

I returned my iPhone 14 Pro for an iPhone 13 mini: Here’s why

When Apple announced its iPhone 14 lineup, I was both excited and heartbroken.

As expected, the company took the iPhone mini out to pasture and instead, unveiled the iPhone 14 Plus, a 6.7-inch version of the regular iPhone that is meant to capture customers who want an iPhone Pro Max but don’t want the “pro” features, the weight, or the price. It’s a big bet on big phones that saddened the community of us who have completely fallen in love with our iPhone 12 or 13 mini.

The writing has been on the wall for the iPhone mini for the last year or so. Estimated sales of the smaller iPhone were…well, small compared to that of the regular-sized iPhone or pro models. It appears that Apple took that as an indication it should go the opposite direction and offer a big, cheaper iPhone.

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When Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 Plus and I realized no iPhone 14 mini was coming, I looked at my iPhone 13 mini and thought, “you had a good run, buddy.” While I love my mini, I’m also someone who loves the latest and greatest technology (I write for iMore so I think that’s a given). So, I decided it was time to let go, embrace the future, and go back to the world of bigger phones.

I pre-ordered the iPhone 14 Pro in Space Black and, luckily, got it on launch day. After two weeks, I returned it and kept my iPhone 13 mini. Here’s why.

The iPhone 13 mini is the perfect size

I remember when I originally got the iPhone 13 mini and thought, “good lord, this thing is TINY.” But, after a few days of using it, I came to the conclusion that the mini was the perfect size. Using it with one hand was easy. It’s also much lighter than its siblings, especially the pro models.

The iPhone 14 Pro, by comparison, felt just too big for my taste. I knew what I was getting into as I had previously had the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, so I wasn’t expecting to dislike the size as much as I actually did. It doesn’t feel enormous like the iPhone 14 Pro Max surely would, but it feels just a little too big. I remember when Apple made the switch from the 5.8-inch display of the iPhone 11 Pro to the 6.1-inch of the iPhone 12 Pro and I was worried it would make a difference, and it definitely did.

Of course, the weight doesn’t help anything either. Going from an iPhone 13 mini to the iPhone 14 Pro feels like you’re going from holding a piece of cardboard to a brick. The iPhone 14 Pro is HEAVY, due not only to its size but its stainless steel construction.

Don’t get me wrong, the extra screen real estate is great, but there’s nothing like having a small, capable phone. No amount of screen real estate replaces the joy of being able to reach the top of the screen with one hand.

The iPhone 14 Pro features don’t matter to me

There were three features that the iPhone 14 Pro had over the iPhone 13 mini that I honestly thought were going to get me to switch: the Dynamic Island, the zoom lens, and the ProMotion display.

Let’s talk about the Dynamic Island first. It’s cool. It’s really cool. It’s a feat of engineering and one of those things that remind you of the Apple of the past that creates an experience so delightful it feels like the Disney of the tech world. However, after a day of using the phone, I started to forget it was there. This isn’t the fault of the Dynamic Island. It’s just that there aren’t enough parts of the iPhone experience taking advantage of it yet. That will change with time, but the feature just doesn’t do enough at launch to pull me away from my mini.

I remember having access to the zoom lens with my iPhone 12 Pro and enjoying Portrait Mode a lot, so I was curious if Portrait Mode on the iPhone 14 Pro would be so much better than my iPhone 13 mini that it would get me to switch. For me, that wasn’t the case. It was obviously BETTER — just not that much better that I would consider it a reason to leave my mini behind. I am NOT a photographer, so I’m sure anyone who is would point out just how wrong I am here. Just know that I hear you and apologize for taking photos that make your eyes bleed.

The feature that honestly almost got me to abandon my iPhone 13 mini was the ProMotion display. For some people, they’ll never notice a difference between a 60Hz and 120Hz display, but I SAW it. It was clear as day to me. The refresh rate alone made the iPhone 14 Pro not only look smoother but feel faster. I absolutely loved it and wish it was on all iPhones forever. This was the feature I was sad to leave behind, but I was willing to sacrifice it for the other reasons above.

The intangilbles

This last part is hard to put into facts or figures, so that’s why I called it the intangibles. There’s something about the iPhone 13 mini that makes it delightful to use. The small size. The lightness compared to all other iPhones. The same capabilities as the larger version.

The other iPhones have bigger screens, more battery life, more cameras, and all of the other additional features you could continue to list. It seems crazy that you’d pick the iPhone mini over any other iPhone considering all of these things.

However, there’s something about a fully-capable iPhone (or a smartphone in general) you can fit in the palm of your hand. Well, not my hand but I’m sure it fits in the palm of some people’s hands. You get the point. It’s small! It’s mighty! It’s mighty small!

The long night begins

I’ve used every iPhone since the iPhone 3GS and I can say that, with complete confidence, the iPhone mini has been my favorite iPhone, ever.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 mini may be the last iPhone mini ever.

…Or will it? The iPhone SE is due for a redesign at some point, so I’m now holding out hope that the iPhone mini may turn into the next generation of the iPhone SE.

Apple just released a new iPhone SE this year, so all of us iPhone mini lovers might have a long time to wait to see if Apple brings it back the mini in the form of the SE.

Thankfully, Apple supports phones for years so all of us who love the iPhone mini, even if Apple doesn’t continue it in any form, can enjoy it for years to come.

AirPods Pro(第2世代)



13,266円/月、月額 3回払い支払い回数 (二重短剣符の脚注)  (税込)











再設計されたAirPods Pro(第2世代)は、最大2倍の雑音を消すアクティブノイズキャンセリングを搭載。適応型環境音除去が周囲の雑音を軽減し、パーソナライズされた空間オーディオがあなたをサウンドで包み込みます。バッテリーは1回の充電で最大6時間持続⁷。タッチコントロールを使って、スワイプで簡単に音量を調節できます。「正確な場所を見つける」に対応し、スピーカーを搭載し、ストラップループが付いた新しいMagSafe充電ケースも魅力です¹⁵。








これからは、1回の充電で最大6時間再生できます。MagSafe充電ケースを使えば、最大30時間再生することもできますººº。MagSafe充電ケースは、Apple Watchの充電器またはMagSafe充電器で充電できます。LightningコネクタやQi規格の充電器も使えます。


新しく設計されたMagSafe充電ケースは、「正確な場所を見つける」機能に対応したU1チップを搭載しているので、ケースの場所をピンポイントで探せます¹⁵。近くにあるはずなのに見当たらない時は、内蔵スピーカーから音を鳴らすこともできます。ストラップループ付きでリュックやハンドバッグに取りつけられるので、手元を離れる心配もありません。AirPods ProとMagSafe充電ケースは、どちらもIPX4等級の耐汗耐水性能を持ち、あらゆる環境で使えるように作られています²。


AirPods Pro(第2世代)は、第1世代のシンプルな体験をさらに進化させます。タッチコントロールで、軸部分から再生機能を操作したり、上下に軽くスワイプするだけで音量を調節したり。「通知の読み上げ」機能で、大切なメッセージやアラートが届くとSiriに読み上げてもらうこともできます³。オーディオ共有を使えば、2組のAirPodsで音楽や映画を共有するのも思いのまま⁴。これまでと同じように、iPhoneやApple Watchと魔法のように接続でき、お気に入りのApple製デバイス間でシームレスにサウンドを切り替えられます⁵。



H2 Appleシリコンと、アダプティブイコライゼーションによる優れた音質








耐汗耐水性能(IPX4)を持ったAirPods Proと充電ケース²



ケースは、MagSafe充電器、Apple Watchの充電器、またはQi規格の充電器を使ったワイヤレス充電と、Lightningコネクタを使った充電に対応